KIA Warranty


The warranty for the OEM KIA Parts sold on this website is 12 months or 12,000 miles through KIA. Labor and shipping charges are not covered. Items damaged during installation are not covered. In some cases you might need to have your vehicle diagnosed by your local KIA Dealer before we can warranty the defective part.

There are 2 ways for you to get the part replaced.

1. E-mail us at for a copy of the Dealer Invoice (not your internet invoice that came with your shipment) pertaining to your online order and find a dealer locally near you willing to warranty the part. Let your local dealer know you purchased the part from a KIA dealer in Arizona. A copy of the dealer invoice, your complete VIN number and current mileage are required. (Not all dealers will warranty parts they did not sell. It is at their discretion.)

2. Place another order by part number on our website (must purchase replacement part from us) using your old order receipt as reference to identify the correct part number. Then E-mail us at letting us know you placed an order to replace a defective part. Be sure to include the new order number as well as the original order number in the e-mail. Once you replace your defective part you must package the part in the same packaging you received the replacement part including all KIA labels and markings. Include a copy of your invoice, your VIN, current mileage and a detailed description of what is wrong with the part including diagnostic trouble codes. Send the package back (at your expense) within 30 days of receiving the replacement part by following the Return Procedure listed under policies on the website(do not write on the box). Once we receive it with the proper documentation we will issue credit for the part.